Hand crafted components for a bike rack system.
Hand crafted rail system for a roof rack style bike carrier.
Unique buckle swivels in the indentation left in steel tubing when a through hole has been punched into it.
Data collection kiosk.
Hand crafted fully functional. Reads survey cards and prints results.
Laminating device for home or office use.
Hand machined multifunctional cycling tool.
Prototype bike pump fabricated from foam and wood filler.
Fully functional hovercraft. Lift and propulsion generated from a leaf blower.
Bike brake pad testing rig. Two ten inch diameter steel wheels create the inertia to simulate a 160lb rider traveling ten miles per hour. At the flip of a switch the brake are applied and the number of wheel revolutions are counted until the wheel comes to a complete stop. Used to test various brake pad rubber compounds.
A powerful motor and transmission was necessary to get the heavy flywheels up to speed.
Pinewood derby car.
Another costume for my son. This one based on a character "Brute" form the game "Halo"
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